Welcome this year’s judge…

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

The Aspects Art Show committee is proud to announce that this year’s guest judge is Dr Paolo Magagnoli, Lecturer in Art History at the University of Queensland.

Dr Magagnoli is looking forward to travelling out to Goondiwindi, exploring the countryside and having the opportunity to meet the locals.

“I feel honoured to have been invited to the Goondiwindi Show and I’m very keen to meet with artists and the community.


The Goondiwindi Show in May attracts artists from all over, with exhibit numbers increasing every year. Offering $25,000 in prize money, the Aspects is recognised as a significant arts event and with three new sections – Still Life, Landscape and New Exhibitor – giving artists more scope to enter.

Dr Magagnoli is a modern and contemporary art historian who specialises in the history of photography and the moving image. Before joining UQ, he was at the University of Sydney and a Teaching Fellow at University College, London. He has worked as a curatorial assistant for the Department of Photographs of The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The American Federation of Arts in New York. He has had several essays published and is also an international art critic.

As a world traveller, Dr Magagnoli is curious to see firsthand regional artists’ views on the environment, Australia and the rest of the world.

“I’m very keen to see how beauty is expressed and whether that differs from art created in urban areas.”

When asked what advice he would give to potential artists he says, “Be knowledgeable in the making and theory of art, but also look to the past”.

“Artists today don’t always reflect on traditions. You need to study art history, read and study images, so that you can pay respect to, or challenge, or imitate those traditions. There should be a balance of skills and theory.”

Asked what he will be looking for in judging this year’s art entries he replies, “I’m hoping to see a diversity of art work less influenced by trends – freer, bolder, courageous and less self-aware.”

Concerned that he may unintentionally hurt artists’ feelings during judging, he’s hoping that “any decisions I make are encouraging”.

“Artists are putting their work and passion on display, placing them in a vulnerable position. And there’s always an element of subjectivity and personal opinion when judging art.”

So, take up the creative challenge and enter the Aspects Art Show now as entries close Monday 16th April 2018. The Goondiwindi Show is happening on the 4th and 5th May 2018.

For more information call 0427 712250