Thank you volunteers

The Aspects Art Show would not exist if not for the hard-working and dedicated volunteers that give their time and energy to this one weekend during the Goondiwindi Show each year.

Susie Kelly, Chief Steward, and her team spend many months planning, meeting, following up and 'doing' leading up to Aspects. This small band of people, with the help of other volunteers, strives each year to hold an exciting exhibition filled with high quality art for our regional community and beyond.

Susie recently wrote this in an email after the "dust had settled":

Thanks heaps for your contributions to making the 2016 Aspects successful. I was thrilled with how it panned out. There have been lots of pleasing and complimentary comments from those involved with the show, the artists, our judge and people in general so I’d say it was well received.

I love the way we all contribute as we do, utilising our skills and interests for the benefit of Aspects. We’re a practical, capable and competent group of community-minded people doing our bit and enjoying ourselves while we do! Thanks to you all – it’s been a fun year and I’ve enjoyed working with you all.

X Susie