Introducing Aspects 2019 Judge

The Aspects Art Show committee is proud to announce that this year’s guest judge will be Alexis Tacey, a ceramic artist and former lecturer at the University of Southern Queensland.

As a former Aspects judge, Alexis is looking forward to returning to Goondiwindi and reacquainting herself with the region and local art scene.

Alexis has been creating pottery for more than 30 years. After finishing art school, she completed a 12-month traineeship in Sydney. She then studied in Japan for four years, three as an apprentice to Yoshida Yoshihiko.

Returning to Australia, she built her studio and kiln in Stanthorpe, became the curator of the Stanthorpe Art Gallery for five years and lectured in Ceramics from 1995 until her recent retirement. She has exhibited in Sydney, Brisbane, Tokyo and Toowoomba.

Artworks created by Alexis. Photo: Tony Webdale

Alexis has noticed a general shift in the arts with more artists choosing to express and reflect the world around them.

“Artists are letting go and experimenting. They’re becoming braver and more adventurous and their art reflects this,” says Alexis.

When asked what she will be looking for in judging this year’s art entries she replies, “I want to be surprised and I’m expecting to see a diversity of work that reflects the artists’ local and global environment.”

“Honesty” is Alexis’ key word when critiquing work and when judging she looks for honesty in the ideas and materials.

“Be honest in your art. Don’t copy, be authentic. Discover who you are through your work. Also understand the process and your materials whether it’s paper, oils or clay. It’s not just about skill but how you express ideas and how you use the materials.”

“When judging I ask myself: is the work convincing or is it prescriptive? Does it demand attention? Is it engaging? And have the materials been considered and used appropriately?”

And tips for aspiring artists? “Seek feedback from someone you respect – a gallery owner, a lecturer, a fellow artist,” suggests Alexis.

“Most importantly just give it a go! Be brave and make that mark. Creating art can be hard work but it can be so rewarding.”

So, take up the creative challenge and enter the Aspects Art Show now as entries close Wednesday 10th April 2019. The Goondiwindi Show is happening on the 3rd and 4th May 2019.

For more information go to or call 0427 712250