Help needed: next art show

Updated: Jan 2, 2019


Well the Aspects Art Show will be upon us soon.

Anyone wanting to help, please contact us at

Any help would be Welcome!

To give you an idea, the kind of things you could help out with are:

*folding and labeling the forms and brochures to post out. *admin jobs, such as organizing copying of the forms *collecting from the postbox *entering entry form details into a database *doing some pick up jobs around town where needed *liaising with the P&A Society *helping organise decorations and other cocktail party needs *helping with the working bee to prepare the pavilion *unpacking day *pack up day *doing a shift in the pavilion during the show *assisting with the organisation of freight and artists work *assisting with hanging *helping to organise helpers for unpack and pack up days *making the bathroom look nice with flowers and other supplies for opening night

Whilst this is not all that goes into putting on the show it's a start and all that I can think of at the moment!

If you think you could assist with even one of these jobs we would love to hear from you.

We are a very easygoing bunch and would welcome new committee members with open arms.