And the Winners are.....Sections 1-11

1. Open

1st Prize $3000 sponsored by Reardon Farms

Melissa Simmonds 'Femme'

2nd Prize $1000 Sponsored by Owen Farming and Flat Chat Investments

Lesley Shelley 'The Doll Collector'

Highly Commended 

Vida Pearson 'I've got my eye on you...'

Highly Commended

Nadine Sawyer 'Positive Dream Making Machine'

Highly Commended

Melissa Simmonds 'Summer Storm'

2. Local

1st Prize $1000 sponsored by Smithfield Cattle Co

Lesley Hawker 'Canoe Dreaming'

2nd Prize $200 sponsored by Nungwai Sculpture School

Penny Murphy 'Back Door Hinge'

Highly Commended

Kate Owen 'Morning Glory'

Highly Commended

Janet Doyle 'Carbeen I'

3. Watercolour

1st Prize $500 sponsored by Goondiwindi Diagnostic Imaging

Robyn Beeston 'When you came to tea'

2nd Prize $200 sponsored by St Peters Lutheran College

Belinda Perkins 'Lambs off shears'

4. Drawing & Graphics

1st Prize $200 sponsored by Border Vet Surgery

Jan Lawler 'Birds Eye View'

Highly Commended 

Andrea Faiers 'Storm'

5. Printmaking

1st Prize $200 sponsored by Jenepher Wilson

Vida Pearson 'New Holland in Kangaroo Paw'

2nd Prize $50 sponsored by Jenepher Wilson

Vida Pearson 'Spotted Pardalotes'

Highly Commended

Penny Murphy 'Divided Landscape'

6. Landscape Section

1st Prize $500 sponsored by Resting Place of the Birds

Peta Moore 'Prickly Landscape 2'

2nd Prize $200 sponsored by Vigour Graphics

Jan Lawler 'Zebra Finches'

Highly Commended

Cathy Wilson 'Tweed River'

Highly Commended 

Peta Moore ' Bush Walk Diptych'

Highly Commended

Terri-Ann Crothers 'Coming Home'

7. Miniature

1st Prize $200 sponsored by Goondiwindi Tyre Service

Christine Porter 'Latch'

Highly Commended

Robyn Beeston 'Found'

8. Human Form

1st Prize $200 sponsored by A.K. Bellinger Gallery

Susanna Sanderson 'Thunderbirds & Me, We are Go'

Highly Commended

Robin Wilson 'Too much'

Highly Commended

Andrew Neilan 'Paranoid'

9. 3D

1st Prize $500 sponsored by The Southport School

Jill Yelland 'Autumnal Fallen Leaf'

2nd prize $200 sponsored by St Ursula's College

Angela Edwards 'Recycled Wire Basket'

Highly Commended

Barb Eulenstein 'Oink Oink'

Highly Commended

Barry Smith 'Liminal Space'

Highly Commended

Teeny Runzer 'Kookaburra'

10. New Exhibitor

1st Prize $500 sponsored by Delta Agribusiness

Pypah Kersh 'Entity'

2nd Prize $200 sponsored by Jewel Paper Co

Helen Lu 'Hair I Am III'

Highly Commended

Andriane Georgiou 'Sheltered Garden'

Highly Commended

Trish Tait 'Upon Reflection'

Highly Commended

Andrea Swemmer 'Hi there, good looking'

Highly Commended

Fiza Irwin 'Immigrant'

11. Still Life

1st Prize $500 sponsored by Wilson Farming

Sue Lederhose 'Temple Pots, Thailand'

Highly Commended

Robyn Beeston 'Serenity'

Highly Commended

Catherine Stewart 'Protea is King'

Highly Commended

Andriane Georgiou 'Under the Lemon Tree'

Highly Commended

Penelope Gilbert-Ng 'Nasturtiums'