2017 Major Prize Winners

Congratulations to all these 2017 Aspects Art Show Prize Winners!

A massive thank you to all our very generous sponsors, we could not have such a great show without you.

Open section - 1st Prize $3,000: 'Bush Block 11' by Catherine Stewart Sponsored by Reardon Farms

Open section - 2nd Prize $1,000: 'Mail Day' by Elizabeth Corfe Jointly sponsored by Allison Kate Bellinger and Owen Farming

Open Section - Highly Commended: 'Clearing the Undergrowth' by Jeannette Riley

Open Section - Highly Commended: 'Still' by Melissa Simmonds

Open section - Highly Commended: 'Catch Me If You Can' by Jan Lawler

Open section - Highly Commended: 'Stuff and Nonsense' by Jan Lawler

Local section - 1st Prize $1,000: 'Booberra Canoe Dreaming' by Lesley Hawker Sponsored by Smithfield Cattle Co

Local section - 2nd Prize $200: 'Yazzy's Poddies' by Robyn Pegler

Local Section - Highly Commended 'Wool Bins Jarabub' by Penny Murphy

Watercolour section - 1st Prize $500: 'Revisiting Lambs on Water' by Belinda Perkins Sponsored by Goodfellow Diagnostic Imaging SOLD

Watercolour section - Highly Commended: 'Jugs and Bowls' by Ceceila Krieg

Watercolour section - Highly Commended: 'On the Front of the Press' by Christine Porter

Drawing and Graphics Section - 1st Prize $200: 'Sale O' by Jan Lawler Sponsored by Border Vet Surgery

Drawing and Graphics Section - Highly Commended: 'Hippiastrum' by Lesley Shelley

Drawing and Graphics Section - Highly Commended: 'Untitled' by Kate Ford

Print Section - 1st Prize $200: 'Old Trough Jarabub' by Penny Murphy Sponsored by Jenepher Wilson

Print Section - 2nd Prize $50: 'Antique Teacup 111' by Belinda Perkins Sponsored by Jenepher Wilson

Print Section - Highly Commended: 'Injustice' by Robyn Beeston

Print Section - Highly Commended: 'This One's For You Tom' by Christine Porter

Traditional Section - 1st Prize $200: 'Outcrop' by Sue Lederhose

Traditional Section - Highly Commended: 'Still Life with Irises' by Jennie Hegarty

Miniature Section - 1st Prize $200: 'Still Life' by Melissa Simmonds Sponsored by Goondiwindi Tyre Service

Miniature Section - Highly Commended: 'Early Morning' by Sue Lederhose

Miniature Section - Highly Commended: 'Untitled' by Kate Ford

Real Life Human Form Section - 1st Prize $200: 'Au Naturelle' by Jan Lawler SOLD

Real Life Human Form Section - Highly Commended: 'Willie Wilson' by Robyn Pegler

Open 3D Section - 1st Prize $1,000: 'Smooch' by Glen Star Sponsored by Woods Group and Black Truck and Ag

Open 3D Section - 2nd Prize $200: 'Ghost Shell' by Brian Eugarde

Open 3D Section - Highly Commended: 'Matilda' by Angela Edwards

Emerging Artist Section - 1st Prize $250: 'Rainbow Lorikeet' by Janet Doyle Sponsored by Wilson Farming

Emerging Artist Section - 2nd Prize $200: 'The Passing of George Michael' by Mark Tippett Sponsored by Duchesne College

Emerging Artist Section - Highly Commended: 'Patagonia Glacier' by Joan Hogarth

Tonkin Farming Contemporary Art Award - $300: 'School of Funky Fish' by Barry Smith

Insight Nude Awaard 1st Prize - $350: 'Still' by Melissa Simmonds

Insight Nude Award 2nd Prize - $150: 'The Fat Lady Sings' by Kate Owen

Lucy Walker Chemart Pharmacy Local 3D - $300: 'Welcome Home' by Glen Star


The Packers Award $300 Sponsored by MacIntyre Valley Cotton Growers Association

The People's Choice Award $200 Sponsored by Yetman Pastoral Co