2013 Opening Night

Well, all over for another year, how quickly it comes and goes. For your interest, and amusement, some fun pictures from the night.

Our amazing light show at the front entrance.

Thank you so much to Lew Verney who came and set up all his lights and put on a fantastic light display that people could see halfway down the highway! It certainly set the mood for Xanadu.  We appreciate it a lot Lew, thank you.

Committee members Kate Woodhead and Susie Kelly getting into the spirit at the entry.

Committee members (from left) Katie Dight, Kate Owen and Natalie Woods enjoying our ridiculous costumes and celebrating getting to this point after a lot of hard work.

Can you guess which one is the committee member? Yes, Anna Dawson, that's her in the very 80's wig and headband with Vanessa Corish of Nutmeg Home, sponsor of the adult Emerging Artist section and always a great supporter of the night.

No, this isn't spot the sponsor or the committee member but my very talented sister Julie Reardon who has helped us beyond belief by setting up this blog....and teaching me how to operate it!  Not only that but she has reworked all our entry forms which look so fantastic as well as doing the poster and taking the photos.  Oh, and she entered 4 works as well, receiving a highly commended in the digital section. No end to her talents. Thank you Jules.

Our resident high school art teacher extraordinaire, Lesley Hawker having a very in depth discussion with our judge Dr Kyle Jenkins, to whom we must apologise for all of us calling him Dr Carl by mistake!  Thank you to Kyle for a great job of the judging. We hope we can entice him or his lovely wife Tiffany back to Goondiwindi in the future for some workshops.

Katie Dight making the speech formalities of the night. I must congratulate both Katie and Nat for stepping up and doing a wonderful job of the speeches.  By the way, this really is a very flattering shot of Katie's wig as it was a little worse for wear to say the least!

Now here's a man that needs a thank you, George Sloss, president of the Goondiwindi P&A Society whom we put on the spot at the last minute to do the introductory speech. Not bothered at all by that and always such a gentleman, checking on us to see if we need help.  Thank you. Beside George is Miss Maddie Parr, our beautiful showgirl. Maddie really is a most amazing ambassador for Goondiwindi. Congratulations on your win Maddie.

And here's me, trying to stay upright on my very mobile skates!  It was certainly challenging, no doubt here I am just about to grab my husband's arm, Mick, trusting that he will not let me end up on the floor.  Thankfully Katie and I had no mishaps that involved the floor or artwork coming off the screens so a job well done I would say.

Thank you to all of those who attended the night and purchased some artwork.  We are very grateful for the continued support of the community. Please remember to visit the pavilion during the Goondiwindi show on Friday and Saturday. There are some fantastic pieces of artwork looking for a home.

If you are at the show on Friday night drop in and see David Lovegrove in action demonstrating his Manga art from 5 pm to 7 pm.